Homeowners frequently get standing seam metal roofing and vertical panel metal roofing confused. They are similar products with one major distinction. One can be installed as a permanent roof system and the other CANNOT.

 A Standing Seam metal roof comes as either as a Snap-Lock or a Field-Lock. This type of metal roof has the ability to be installed without the use of EXPOSED SCREWS. Either one can be installed as a permanent roof system. Whether or not it becomes a permanent roof system solely depends on how well this metal roof gets installed by the installer. If the installers have 10 or more verifiable years of experience installing this type of metal roofing, they put a 20+ year workmanship warranty on their work and have made this long of a workmanship warranty a common practice for 5 or more years, verifiable, then there is a very good chance the roof will become a permanent roof system. Anything less and I would not consider it a permanent roof system.

A Vertical Panel metal roof is what you usually see on metal buildings, barns and utility structures. What distinguishes a vertical panel roof from a standing seam roof is the fact that you are REQUIRED TO INSTALL VERTICAL PANELS WITH EXPOSED SCREWS! 100s OF IF NOT 1000s OF THEM! On top of that most if not all manufactures of this vertical panels do not give them a water tightness guarantee regardless of how well they are installed. A VERTICAL PANEL METAL ROOF IS NOT A PERMANENT ROOF SYSTEM. They do not add value to the home. They do not last any longer than a high quality well installed asphalt shingle roof. The only benefit I can see to putting a vertical panel roof on a home is small reduction in your electrical bills.

Folks, if it is your goal to install a permanent metal roof on your home stop looking at Vertical Panels. You eventually regret your decision to go with this cheap type of metal roof. Remember, if you do your homework you will get what you pay for!

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