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Dear Midwestern Contractors,

Have you always yearned to jump into the lucrative metal roofing trade but simply did not have the trained installers or sales reps. to get the job done?

Well the Best Metal Roof Period has the solution to what is holding you back!

My name is Tracy J. Scott. I am the owner of The Best Metal Roof Period and I am verifiably the most experienced metal roof installer and sales rep. in the Midwest.

I am now offering contractors the opportunity to learn how to get involved in the metal roof trade without having to worry about the lack of training and support needed to get projects contracted and installed right.
I can design a program for just about any contractor that will kick start your new metal roof division.
Whether or not the cost of this training is worth your investment is entirely subjective to what each contractor believes getting involved in this trade is worth.
Programs can start for as little as $3,000.00. Based upon how many individuals you want trained and how extensively you wish to train them.
I will avail to you ways to get materials at far better prices than you would normally be able to acquire them for. And show you how to most effectively install that particular roof in the BEST way and the QUICKEST way.

You will be shown the most effective marketing approaches for your area.
In addition to this training you will have the ability to consult to me at a greatly reduced cost to assist you through the entire process. From website design all the way through to the finished installation. And the consulting option can be permanent if you choose for it to be permanent. And at the same low rate you started at!

My program will effectively remove most of the headaches associated with getting started in the lucrative metal roof trade.

So if you believe you could possibly benefit from an extensive training program like this please give me a call or send me a request through my website today and let's have a thorough discussion about what I can do to help you get start Today!

Tracy J. Scott/The Best Metal Roof Period

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