Metal Roof Builds & Sales

Stone-Coated Steel Tile


-7437 Ravina Ave., Pasadena Hills, Mo.

-7201 Maryland Ave., University City Mo.

-915 Park Ave., St. Louis Mo.

-917 Park Ave., St. Louis Mo.

-10533 E. Watson, Sunset Hills, Mo.

-523 Tregaron Pl., Frontenac, Mo.

-1005 Villa Gran Way, Fenton, Mo.

-826 Kneedler Ave., Collinsville, IL.


-8275 Lurk Rd., St. Genieve, Mo.

-3229 Equestrian Dr., Festus, Mo.


-2427 Madison Ave., Granite City, IL.

Weathered Timber

-2547 Westmoreland Ave., Granite City, IL.


-107 W. Highway 100, New Haven, Mo.

-135 South Elm St., Webster Groves, Mo.


-219 Sylvester Av., Webster Groves, Mo.

-5341 Mild Dr., St. Louis Mo.

-2328 Esther, St. Louis Mo.

Sage Green

-449 Fairview Av., Webster Groves, Mo.

-3909 Winnebago, St. Louis, Mo.

-427 High St., Washington, Mo.


-6969 W. Frontage Rd., Worden, IL. (Church)

-402 N. Monroe St., Harvel, IL. (Church)


-1010 N. Webster St., Taylorville, IL. (Church)

Mission Gold

-14 High Acers, Olivette, Mo.

-27 Meadowbrook Country Club Estates, Ballwin, Mo.

-505 S. Main St., Princeton, IN (Historic Home)

Mission Red

-2761 Harris Ln., Alton, IL.

Stone-Coated Steel Shake


-2240 Tara Heights, High Ridge, Mo.

Sage Green

-1056 Oakridge, Fenton, Mo.

-18014 Shepard’s Valley, Wildwood, Mo.

-3620 Antonia Lane, Imperial, Mo.

-1209 Teal Lake Pl., Mexico, Mo.

-449 Briarhill, Ballwin, Mo.

-17 N. 78th St., Belleview, IL.

-432 Lutheran Lane, Scott City, Mo (Church)

Silver Grey

-2838 Salena St., St. Louis, Mo.(Marty Keeven Photography)


-104 Cedar Lane, Freeburg, IL.

-123 E. Union, Edwardsville, IL.


1007 Timberwood Trails, Hazelwood, Mo.

-497 Ridge Ave., Webster Groves, Mo.

-1362 Hillsboro Rd., High Ridge, Mo.

Weathered Timber

1704 West Casco Rd., Leslie, Mo.

-433 Highway A, Wellsville, Mo.

-#4 Jolruns Ct., St. Charles, Mo.


-5 Edgewood Acers, Smithton, IL.

-118 Holleyhock Ln., Edwardsville, IL.

Walnut/light flash

-4195 Highway T, Cuba, Mo.


-249 Loggers Trail, Fenton, Mo.

-2069 Quarry Rd., O’Fallon, IL.


-14696 State Hwy. V, St. Genieve, Mo.


-113 Benham, Bonne Terre, Mo.

-150 Defiance Rd., Defiance, Mo. (Church)


-127 Forest Grove Dr., Glen Carbon IL.

-300 Troy Ave., Troy IL.

-875 Harding Ave., Gillespie, IL.


-2826 Woodson Dr., Columbia, Mo.


-3125 Hwy. FF, Eureka, Mo.

Stone-Coated Steel Shingle


-649 Locksley Pl., Webster Groves, Mo.

-3030 Elem St. St. Charles, Mo.

-14763 Mill Spring Dr., Chesterfield, Mo.


-101 Beachcomer, Creve Coeur, Mo.

-7006 Three B Rd., Cedar Hill, Mo.

-2165  Gray Ave., St. Louis, Mo.

Weathered Timber

-2300 Golden Eagle Ln., Waterloo, IL.

Sage Green

-1218 Folger Ave., Kirkwood, Mo.                           


-4309 Kings Acers, High Ridge, Mo.

Pearl White

-2300 Lynch Av., Granite City, IL.


-7595 Ronald Dr., Dittmer, Mo.


-6437 Wanda Ave., St. Louis, Mo.

Standing Seam


- 1704 West Casco Rd., Leslie, Mo.

-865 E. Penning Av., Woodriver, IL.


-1965 N. Signal Hills Dr., Kirkwood. Mo.

-1029 St. Louis St., Edwardsville, IL.

-30 Oak Forest Dr., Eureka, Mo.

-150 W. Link Dr., Washington, Mo.

-6882 Riverview #18, Pacific, Mo.

-12208 Cheryl Ct., St. Louis, Mo.

-7379 Liberty School Lane, Leslie, Mo. (Historical Old School)

-18803 Highwood Estates Dr., Wildwood, Mo.

-5510 Glen Haven Rd., Imperial, Mo.

-35 West Main St., Mascoutah, IL. (Flowers Balloons Etc.)

-6720 Theo Drive, Cedar Hill, Mo.

-2901 Old Sugar Creek Rd., High Ridge, Mo.


-18325 Pin Hook Hollow Dr., Wildwood, Mo.

-1145 Hillside, Richmond Heights, Mo.

-1955 N. Signal Hills Rd., Kirkwood, Mo.

- 3 Ladue Ln., Ladue, Mo

Light Beige

-1019 Coffee Ct., Crestwood, Mo.

Ash Grey

-5020 W. Four Ridge Rd., Otto, Mo. (German Cult. Society)

Ash Grey & Charcoal

-1039 Lancaster, Lake Sherwood, Mo.

Regal Blue

-2324 Park Ave., St. Louis, Mo.

Roman Blue

-2801 Locust St., St. Louis, Mo.

-15700 Baxter Rd., Chesterfield, Mo. (Fire Dept.)

Copper Penny

-563 S. Clay, Kirkwood, Mo.

-1540 Pacland Pl., Chesterfield, Mo.

-700 Jungermann Rd., St. Peters, Mo. (Christian Academy)

Colonial Red

-6455 Hwy A, Bedford, Mo.

-1500 Bald Hill Dr., Gerald, Mo.

-2024 Dammer Dr., Highland, IL.

Patrician Bronze

-1145 Hillsside, Richmond Heights, Mo.

-17 Lynnbrook Rd., Frontenac, Mo.

-57 Circle Dr., Fairview Heights, IL.

-23 Portland Pl., St. Louis, Mo. (Historical)

Tudor Brown

15601 Baumann Rd., Highland, IL.

Mansard Brown

-155 Long Road, Chesterfield, Mo. (Fire Dept.)


-274 Magna Carta, Creve Coeur, Mo.

-89 Aberdeen Pl., Chesterfield, Mo.


-4361 Cappeln Osage Rd., Augusta, Mo.

-389 Lewis Rd., Eureka, Mo.

-3920 Lindell Ave., St. Louis, Mo. (Hare Krishna Temple)

Edco Enhanced Metal Slate

Slate Grey

-772 Peace Haven Dr., St. Louis, Mo.

Folks, there are approximately 150-175 other metal roofs that I have either installed or assisted other installers/contractors with. I do not believe that putting other installers/contractors projects on my build list is ethical, unlike some of my competitors. I have also repaired around 120 or so metal roofs that were having issues of some kind. I get repair calls just about every week. Most I do not touch because there are just too many things that have been done wrong. If people would just do a little homework they could save themselves a lot of headaches and money. My repair charges are ASTRONOMICAL.

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