Residential Metal Roofing Services in St. Louis

Metal Roofs last between 3-5 times longer than an asphalt roof. All of our metal roofs are rated to last at least 50 years, making it the last roof you will need to replace.

Metal Roofs are very durable because they are made out of 24 & 26 gauge steel. They are able to withstand hailstones up to 1.5-2.5” big. They are also resistant to fire, strong winds, and the sun’s heat, allowing metal roofs to last much longer than regular asphalt-based roofs.

Lower Energy Bills
Since metal roofs are much more energy efficient than regular asphalt roofs, you can expect significant savings:

  • Your energy bills can decrease by up to 20% per year, just by installing a metal roof. This is because less heat escapes through your roof in the winter, and the metal roof keeps your attic cooler during the summer.
  • Your insurance premiums can decrease by up to 30%. This is because the number one insurance claim is hail damage, and if your home is protected with a metal roof, you do not have to pay as much for insurance.
  • Your home value can increase by up to 80% of the value of the metal roof. Combining this with the lower energy bills and insurance premiums makes metal roofs an intelligent investment.

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