How Much More than Asphalt

Folks a have estimated, sold and installed 1000s of roofs in my 24 years in the metal roof trade. I have been told by 95% of these people that my pricing and everyone else’s pricing is between 2-3 times what your asphalt shingle roof estimates are.

First take 3 or more asphalt shingle estimates. Then average those estimates out and double that price. If that amount is in your budget then start calling metal roof guys. If not call one of your asphalt shingle bidders and have them put on an asphalt shingle roof for you.

The bottom line is that if you do not believe that a metal is worth this amount over the cost of an asphalt shingle roof then have simply not done your homework or you just cannot afford to make the investment.

Either way having me or any other metal roof guys give you any kind of estimate when you yourself cannot afford to make the investment or if you have not done your homework on this subject is just wasting time and money. THIS DRIVES UP THE COST OF ALL METAL ROOF CONTRACTORS BIDS. KNOW YOUR FINANCIAL LIMITATIONS AND DO YOUR HOMEWORK FIRST. YOU WILL BE DOING YOURSELF, YOUR NEIGHBORS, THE METAL ROOFING TRADE AND US THE CONTRACTORS A HUGE SERVICE! Thank You!

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