Standing Seam vs. Metal shake, Tile, Shingles and Slate profiles

The vast majority of the time a homeowner instinctively knows what type of metal roof they want on their home. They have usually in most cases contemplated a new metal roof for some time and have decided what look they would most like to see on their home.

I always recommend the Stone coated steel wood shake profile because it is THE BEST METAL ROOF ON PLANET EARTH TODAY.  But that is not to say that all the other metal roofs on the market are not good. All metal roofs are vastly superior to all asphalt shingle roofs.

I choose as a contractor to help my homeowners achieve the best installation of the metal roof they want to see on their home.

There are times when for example a standing seam roof is the only choice that customer has such as a low pitch applications and historical work. Surprisingly enough one of my competitors has stated right on their website that standing seam is not suited for pitches below 2X12. Nothing could be further from the truth. Standing Seam is by far THE BEST ROOF for low pitch roofing. I love it when a competitor flaunts their ignorance.

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