Subcontractors vs. Employees

This is a choice that not all contractors have. Some contractors cannot find experienced metal roof installers to come to work for them as an employee. And some contractors cannot find experienced metal roof installers to come to work for them as a Subcontractor. The exact opposite. Many companies tell the general public that “Their installers are Employees of the Company” and for that reason a homeowner should contract with them to have their new metal roof installed. This is in most cases NOT A TRUE STATEMENT. The reason why is that virtually all companies who hire Employees in the roofing business have a very high employee turnover rate. You as a homeowner are given very little if any guarantee as to how many years of experience the installers that are installing your new metal actual have. Virtually all of the REALLY EXPERIENCED metal roof installers that I have met in my lifetime force the company to treat them as INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS I.E. SUBCONTRACTOR. They do this because they can usually command the highest pay and there are several tax advantages. So as you can clearly see the Best Installers are in most cases Not Employees.

There are TWO KEYS to hiring the best metal roof installers. 1) The experience of the installers and 2) How well the contractor supervises these metal roof installers. Worst case scenario is when you have a group of Employees installing your new metal roof and there is little if any supervision of their work. I know for a fact one of my biggest competitors does business in just this way. And they Nail instead of Screw the panels down. ABSOLUTELY CRAZY! If you ask me.

Since I began installing metal roofs in the St. Louis area I have been networking with other small metal roof contractors/installers all around the Midwest.  These crews typically have one to two installers with 10-15 verifiable years of metal roof installation experience. Now these crews would never offer a long term workmanship warranty on an installation all on their own. They have never been trained to install metal roofing to this standard until they started working with THE BEST METAL ROOF PERIOD. These crews are stringently supervised throughout the installation process by a 24 year metal roof installation expert. This is how we are able to provide our customers with the incredibly strong workmanship warranty that we put on all of our metal roof installations. This warranty also covers all the accessories we install as well.  The best installers that can be found and the best material that meets the homeowner’s specifications as well as ours equal THE BEST METAL ROOF PERIOD.

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