The Other Guys

Aside from The Best Metal Roof Period, metal roof installers and contractors in the St. Louis area typically have a laundry list of deficiencies and downsides when compared to The Best Metal Roof Period.          

1) There are relatively new to the metal roof trade.

2) They lack sufficient experience to properly install most metal roofs on the average home in the St. Louis area.

3) In most cases they are not truthful about experience and number of years they been working in the metal roof trade.

4) They do not specialize exclusively in just doing metal roofing IE. they typically install a variety of different roofing materials. They are not real metal roofing contractors.

5) They only offer you one Manufactures product line. Not a variety of metal roof products.

6) They choose to install the roof with exposed nails instead of screws. It’s no secret that a screw is a vastly superior fastener compared to any nail. A quality metal roof is SCREWED NOT NAILED!

7) They tell you that your metal roof can be installed in just a few days and when it typically takes an expert installer one to two weeks to properly install the average metal roof on the average home in the St. Louis area

8) The individual who you are forced to deal with from the company in nothing more than a sales rep. and knows very little about how to properly install a metal roof on your home other than what he has read somewhere or has been told by his superiors.

9) Their home office is out of another State other than Missouri or Illinois and they are nothing more than a Satellite office or a Sales Rep. working out of his home.

10)  The individuals who do the installation work for many contractors in this area are not actual citizens of the United States and cannot effectively speak the English language.

11) Most of my competitors do not have the ability to provide legitimate verification of the number of years of Metal roof installation experience they say that do.

12) They provide you with a huge list of installations that neither they nor you can prove were actually installed by that company. I know for a FACT that one of my biggest competitors that is based out of another state provides a build list that has installations that were installed by OTHER CONTRACTORS. H I G H L Y  U N E T H I C A L.

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